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Big Country Info
A-E  F-J  K-M  N-R  S-Z  (top)
Aftermath Dub Skids
Ages Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Algorithm Mark Brzezicki (w/ ESP 2.0)
Alien 9 Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Alive and Kicking Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
All I Want Is Me Tony Butler
All The Young Dudes Skids
Almost Seen Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
And More With You Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda Skids
Angle Bruce Watson
Animation Skids
Another Anthem For The Damned Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Another Emotion Skids
Another Misty Morning Tony Butler
Another Planet Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Any Way She Moves Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Arena Skids
As Long As I See Shadows Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
The Ballad of Broken Hearts Mark Brzezicki (w/ ESP 2.0)
The Ballad of JFK Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Belfast Child Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
The Bell Jar Skids
A Better Place Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
Blood and Soil Skids
Bored By You Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Boy From The Bush Tony Butler
Boys Keep Swinging Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Brave Man Skids
Broken Road Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Brothers Skids
Bruce Is Big Leggy Tony Butler
Burning Cities Skids
But I Have You Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
But I Still Want You Tony Butler
Butterfly Collector Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Butterfly Suite
[Don’t Let Go / Caught In The Net / Traveling Light]
Mark Brzezicki (w/ ESP 2.0)
Bye Bye Johnny Skids
Calling The Tune Skids
Can You See Heaven Tony Butler
Castles In Spain Skids
The Cenotaph Tony Butler
A Challenge (The Wanderer) Skids
Charade Skids
Charles Skids
Cheese Again Bruce Watson
The Children Saw The Shame Skids
Christmas In Fife Skids
Circus Games Skids
Close To Your Heart Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Comeback Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Come On Boys Tony Butler
Coming Home Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Coming Soon Tony Butler (DOG)
Complete Control Skids
Contusion Skids
Cracked Pain Bruce Watson (w/ Mark Brzezicki)
Crazy & Youth Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Crossing (original) Bruce Watson
Cry Wild Tony Butler
Dakota Sunrise Bruce Watson
Dakota Sunset Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
A Day In Europa Skids
The Days Bruce Watson
The Days Bruce Watson
Demology Bruce Watson
Desert Dust Skids
Design Skids
Destination Düsseldorf Skids
The Devils Decade Skids
Devil’s Own Tony Butler (DOG)
Different Light Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Dignity Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Don’t Get Me Wrong Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Don’t Give A Damn (It’s All About The Money) Tony Butler (DOG)
Don’t Stop Skids
Don’t You (Forget About Me) Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Dossier (of Fallibility) Skids
Down In The Tube Station at Midnight Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Dream Boy Tony Butler
Dream of The Glory Days Tony Butler (DOG)
Dream To Sleep Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Drunk With The Punch Bruce Watson
Duel Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Dulce et Decorum Est (Pro Patria Mori) Skids
Easy Come Easy Go Tony Butler
Easy For You To Say Tony Butler (DOG)
Edison’s Last Stand Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
The End Tony Butler (DOG)
End of the Road Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Eternal Empty Feeling Tony Butler (DOG)
The Eton Rifles Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Everybody Wants To Rule The World Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Everyday Tony Butler
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A-E  F-J  K-M  N-R  S-Z  (top)
Fairytale In New York Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Falling Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Falling Down (Asshole Man) Bruce Watson
“Feeling Normal” Bruce Watson
Fields Skids
Fighting Talk Tony Butler (DOG)
Filming Africa Skids
Fire and Brimstone Tony Butler (DOG)
First Time Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Flags On Judgement Day Tony Butler (DOG)
Flame Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Flashback Jimmy Tony Butler (DOG)
Flower of Scotland Stuart Adamson (w/ Richard Jobson)
Fly Away Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Flying Tony Butler (DOG)
Forever In My Dreams (Superheroes) Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Freak Central Bruce Watson (w/ Mark Brzezicki)
Funny People Tony & Mark (On The Air)
The Gag Bruce Watson
Garfunkel Gets A Hot Dog (alternate) Bruce Watson
Gary Gilmour’s Eyes Skids
Gasoline Alley Stuart Adamson (w/Air Parma)
(Do You Believe In) Ghosts Bruce Watson
Git On A Tightrope Bruce Watson
Give It Back Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
God of Denial - The Code Mark Brzezicki (w/ ESP 2.0)
Going For Your Guns Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Going Underground Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Go Now Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Good Boys Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Goodbye Civilian Skids
Got One Hour Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Greatest Prize Skids
The Greatest Yet Tony Butler (DOG)
The Great Unknown Tony Butler
Grey Eyes Bruce Watson
Grey Parade Skids
Grievance Skids
Gunshot Lips Mark Brzezicki (w/ ESP 2.0)
Gypsy Girl Bruce Watson
Hang On To The Shadows Skids
Happy In My House Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Happy To Be With You Skids
Have A Nice Time Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Heart of The City Skids
Heart of Wonder Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Hearts and Minds Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
Heart Stops Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Heaven Saved A Place For You Tony Butler
Here Comes The First One Tony Butler
Here’s The Real World Tony Butler
Here We Go Again Skids
Highland Girl Bruce Watson
Highness Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
The Hill Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Hippy Man Tony Butler
Hi Yo Tonto Bruce Watson
Hold Me Like You’ve Never Done Before Tony Butler
Holiday Bruce Watson
Hollywoodland Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Holier Than Thou Tony Butler
Home of The Saved Skids
Hope and Glory Skids
How Many Times Tony Butler
How To Be Free Skids
Hurry On Boys Skids
Hymns From A Haunted Ballroom Skids
I Am True American Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
I Believe In Angels Tony Butler
I Can Feel It Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
I Can’t Let Go Tony Butler
I Don’t Mind Now Tony Butler
I Dream To Sleep Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
I Feel Fine Bruce Watson
I Know Skids
I Love My Dog Tony Butler
I’m Getting Old Tony Butler
An Incident In Algiers Skids
In Fear of Fire Skids
Integral Plot Skids
Into The Valley Skids
Into The Void Skids
Invisible Din Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
Iona Skids
I Should’ve Known Better Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
An Island Tony Butler
I Wanna Be Your Dog Skids
I Was A Teenage Tourette’s Syndrome Ventriloquist Bruce Watson
Jenny Fly Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Jimmy Dub Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Johnny Wants [London] Skids
Jump Up Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
Big Country Info
A-E  F-J  K-M  N-R  S-Z  (top)
Kaputt Skids
Kingdom Come Bruce Watson
Kings of a World Tony Butler
Kings of The New World Order Skids
Kiss Cool Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Kreuzberg ’79 Skids
Lady Luck Tony Butler
La La Life Goes On Tony Butler
Later Day Mark Brzezicki (w/ From The Jam)
Lay The Coin Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
Lay The Coin On My Tongue (And I Will Sing On) Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Learning To Row Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
The Legend of Maribou Blowpants Bruce Watson
Let Us In Skids
Liar Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Life Is A Church Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
The Light Pours Out of Me Skids
Living Side By Side Tony Butler
London (Johnny Wants) Skids
Long Shadows Tony Butler
A Lovely Day Tony Butler
Love Madness Tony Butler
Love Song Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Love To Fall Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Love Wins The Day Tony Butler
Lucky Man Tony Butler
Make It Up Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
A Man For All Seasons Skids
Man In Me Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
The Man In Me Bruce Watson
The Man With The Hooded Face Tony Butler
Masquerade Skids
The May Queen Leads Her Parade Tony Butler
Me & You Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Medicine Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Melancholy Soldiers Skids
A Memory Skids
Men of Mercy Skids
Men of Steel Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
The Men of The Fall Skids
Metal Sunday Tony Butler (DOG)
Mexican Trout Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Mr Happy Comes To Town Bruce Watson
Mr. Sunday Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Mist In Your Moonlight Tony Butler
Monkey McGuire Meets Specky Pottter Behind Lochore Institute Skids
Morphine Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
Moving Target Tony & Mark (On The Air)
My Big Ferrari Heart Tony Butler
My Blood Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
My Blue Rose Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
My Heart’s In My Home Tony Butler
My Only Crime Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
My Wife Skids
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A-E  F-J  K-M  N-R  S-Z  (top)
Nationwide Skids
New Dare Skids
A New Day Tony Butler (DOG)
New Daze Skids
New Disguise (Nudist Guys) Bruce Watson
The New Frontier Tony Butler
New Song (untitled) Bruce Watson
New York Groove Skids
Nice Things To Do Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Night and Day Skids
9 4 November Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Nobody’s Listening Tony Butler (DOG)
No Mercy Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
No One Knows My Name Tony Butler
Normal Bruce Watson
Not Supposed To Love You Tony Butler
November Sky Tony Butler (DOG)
Oblivion Road Tony Butler
Of One Skin Skids
Old Country Country Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Old Money Tony Butler
The Olympian Skids
Once Again... Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
One Day To The Next Tony Butler
One Decree Skids
One Heart Tony Butler (DOG)
One Last Chance Skids
One More Drink Tony Butler
On The Beach Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Open Sound Skids
Open Your Eyes Skids
Orion’s Belt Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Our Time Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Out of Town Skids
Overture Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
Overture (Going In) Tony Butler
Paralyzed Skids
Peaceful Times Skids
Photograph Skids
Plastic Never Rusts Bruce Watson
Play It All Night Long Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Pleasuretime Tony Butler
Pollock and The Porrohman Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Postcard From Lumphinnans Bruce Watson
Pretty Vacant Skids
Private Battlefield Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Pros and Cons Skids
Queen of My Dreams Tony Butler
Quiet Days Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
Radical Measures Tony Butler
Raised Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Ready For Action Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Ready To Run Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Real Gone Kid Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Reasons Skids
Refugee Skids
Remembrance Bruce Watson
Ride Through Reality Mark Brzezicki (ESP 2.0)
Riding The Thermal Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
The River Stays The Same {2008 version} Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
The River Stays The Same {2018 version} Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
Rock On Skids
Rose Red Sunset Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
Rosina Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Runaway Tony Butler (DOG)
Running On Empty Tony Butler (DOG)
Running To The Sun Tony Butler

Big Country Info
A-E  F-J  K-M  N-R  S-Z  (top)
The Saints Are Coming Skids
The Salmon Skids
Save Me From Me Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Save My Dignity Tony Butler
Scale Skids
Scared To Dance Skids
Scared To The Bone Tony Butler
Searching The Banks For A Memory Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
Sensual Earth Mark Brzezicki (w/ ESP 2.0)
Seven Swords Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
Sex Change Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Shattered Cross Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
She’s Coming Home Tony Butler
She’s In Love Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Sick Club Skids
“Simple Country” Bruce Watson
Simple Man Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Six Times Skids
Sirens Tony Butler
Sloop John B Skids
Smiling Forever Mark Brzezicki (ESP 2.0)
Smoulder Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
Snakes and Ladders Skids
So Good To See You Tony Butler
Someone Somewhere In Summertime Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Song From A Waking Dream Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
The Sound of Retreat Skids
Sound 1 Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
Spared Tony Butler
Spitfire Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
Stand Up Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Starman Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Stars Will Fall Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Start My Engine Bruce Watson
STMB Instrumentals Bruce Watson
Storm of Thrones Bruce Watson (w/ WKW)
Strange Old Town Tony Butler
Strength Through Joy Skids
Subbotnik Skids
Submission Skids
Summer Skids
Sun and The Moon Tony Butler
Supernatural Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Surgical Triumph Skids
Suspicious Bruce Watson
Swampsnake Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Sweet Suburbia Skids
Swimming With Submarines Bruce Watson
Take These Chains Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
Test Tube Babies Skids
Thanatos Skids
That’s Entertainment Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Theme For Great Cities Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
Theme From Whistle Down Your Nose Bruce Watson
Things We’ve Seen Skids
35mm Dreams
This Colour Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
This Is Our World Skids
Through The Dream Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
Tick-Tock Tony Butler (DOG)
Tidal Wave Skids
Time Skids
Too Far Gone Bruce Watson
Too Many Ghosts Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Toujour Aimez Stuart Adamson (The Raphaels)
Touring Germany Bruce Watson
Town Called Malice Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Traveller Tony Butler (DOG)
Tropical Sunsets Tony Butler
TV Stars Skids
27 Waves Away Bruce Watson
22 Layers of Sunlight Mark Brzezicki (ESP 2.0)
Twenty To Eleven Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Typically English Tony & Mark (On The Air)
Underture (Coming Out) Tony Butler
Uninvited Guest Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
‘Untitled’ Skids
Up On The Moors Skids
Valentina Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Vambo Skids
Vanguard’s Crusade Skids
Venustraphobia Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Vibrate Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
Violence Skids
Waiting Tony Butler (DOG)
Waiting For The Rush Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
Walk On The Wild Side Skids
War Poets Skids
Waterfront Bruce Watson (FourGoodMen)
The Way It Is Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
What’s The Difference Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
When Cathedrals Were All White In Amsterdam Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
When My Moment Comes Tony Butler
When She Sleeps Bruce & Mark (Casbah Club)
When The Trees Come Down Tony Butler
Where Is My Home Mark Brzezicki (ESP)
White Man In Hammersmith Palais Bruce Watson
Whole Wide World Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? Skids
Wings of Desire Skids
Withdrawl Symptoms Skids
Woman In Winter Skids
The Woman Who Wibbled Wobbled Too Much Bruce Watson (w/ Jamie Watson)
Wondergreat Bruce Watson
Wonderland (original) Bruce Watson
Working For The Yankee Dollar Skids
A World On Fire Skids
You Must Be Kidding Me Tony Butler (w/ T’N’T)
Young Savage Skids
You’re My Girl Mark Brzezicki (w/ Simon Townshend)
Zit Skids