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Tony Butler: Demos of Themes and Other Dreams (2001) 4:57 ◆ 
Lyrics & Music: Tony Butler (1992)
I started writing this song as an experiment in writing in a particular style. I wanted to get that Liverpool type of sound then funk it up, but when Bruce, Mark and I decided to try the Project X thing, I got pissed, pretended to be a Liam character and wrote in-character style lyrics. It’s loud anyway. Let’s rock.
Performed as ’Come On Boyz’ in support of the 2006 England World Cup Team
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Come on Boyz is the new England World Cup song sung by The Squad 2006, comprising bar staff and regulars from Harvey’s pub in the Cornish town of Launceston, and students from Launceston College.

Written and produced by Tony Butler (former Big Country bass player, now a Westcountry college lecturer), this song continues the tradition started for the 2002 World Cup by Harvey’s landlord and ladylady Adi & Sam Harvey to produce a real football supporters’ record.

All profits will be shared between the charities Cancer Research UK and Children’s Hospice South West.

Tony Butler said: “It’s a good old fashioned football terrace chant song with a dance beat behind it. It’s a song for football supporters to sing along to and it was great fun to do. The featured vocalists are not professional, but they are enthusiastic and real characters.”

Adi Harvey said: “Our first CD, Eng-er-land for the 2002 World Cup was supposed to be a laugh and maybe raise some money for charity, now with Tony’s help we’ve been able to do it more professionally. We are football supporters who like to sing, now we have our own song to support our national team and raise even more money for both charities.”...