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Big Country Info
This section displays the various artwork of the band’s releases and groups them with similar releases. It is meant as a showcase for the artwork and is in no way complete. In most cases (but not all), generic labels and blank graphics have not been included. In most cases, it is only the UK releases that use artwork on the labels of vinyl releases. Most 7” releases were initally issued with paper labels with artwork and were later issued with plain manufacturer's labels. As always, let me know if you have any additions to this list.

generic Mercury label
  The Crossing
  The Seer
  Peace In Our Time
  No Place Like Home
  The Buffalo Skinners
  Why The Long Face
  Driving To Damascus
  The Journey
Through A Big Country (The ‘Great Box’)
5 Classic Albums
Restless Natives
  Radio Concerts
  Live (Barrowlands New Year’s)
  The Seer Live In New York
  Peace In Our Time (Moscow 1988) / River of Hope
  Without The Aid of A Safety Net
  BBC Releases
  Live ’93 Bootleg / Live In Cologne
  Brighton Rock
  Nashville Sessions (aka “The Web Scudsters”)
  Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall
  Come Up Screaming / Final Fling
  Peppermint Lounge
  Das Fest
  Peace Concert
  From The Front Row Live
  Twenty Five Live
  Dreams Stay With You
  Live at RAK Studios
  Live at The Town and Country Club
  Other Live releases (video)
  “Best of” compilations
  Under Cover
  One In A Million
  Live Hits
  We’re Not In Kansas
(The Live Bootleg Box Set 1993-1998)
  Harvest Home
  Fields of Fire
  In A Big Country
  East of Eden
  Where The Rose Is Sown
  Just A Shadow
  Look Away
  The Teacher
  One Great Thing
  Hold The Heart
  King of Emotion
  Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)
  Peace In Our Time
  Save Me
  Heart of The World
  Republican Party Reptile
  Beautiful People
  Ships (Where Were You)
  The Buffalo Skinners US singles
  I’m Not Ashamed
  You Dreamer
  In The Scud / Bon Apetit /
  Fragile Thing
  See You / Perfect World
  Somebody Else
  In Our Name
  Another Country
  The Big Country 12” Collection
  Singles Collection Vol. 1
  Singles Collection Vol. 2
  Singles Collection Vol. 3
  Singles Collection Vol. 4
  Singles Collection (Boxes)
  Skids (Singles & EPs)
  Skids (Albums)
  Bruce Watson
  Casbah Club
  Tony Butler
  The Raphaels
  Mark Brzezicki
  On The Air CD series