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(Japanese releases unless noted otherwise)

I don’t know what it is about these covers. I always thought they looked cool.

¥ Japanese releases of The Crossing have the album title written as
which is Japanese for ‘In A Big Country’, but as ‘The Crossing’ when written in English.
East of Eden 7”
Fields of Fire (Japanese EP) Wonderland 12”
Steeltown LP  
The Crossing Cassette ¥  The Crossing Cassette (Taiwan) Steeltown Cassette Steeltown Cassette (Taiwan)
The Seer Cassette (Japan) The Seer Cassette (Taiwan)
(red labels)
The Seer Cassette (Taiwan)
(yellow labels)
Peace In Our Time Cassette Through A Big Country Cassette Without The Aid of a Safety Net Cassette (Philippines)  
The Seer CD
Peace In Our Time CD Through A Big Country CD  
Why The Long Face CD
Classic Big Country
(The Best 1200)
Classic Big Country
(The Best 1000)
The Crossing ¥ 
(Deluxe Edition)
Through A Big Country
We’re Not In Kansas
(The Live Bootleg Box Set 1993-1998)
Why The Long Face
(4-CD Deluxe Edition)
Out Beyond The River
(5xCD & 1xDVD)
Driving To Damascus
(4-CD Deluxe Edition)
Live (Barrowlands New Year’s) Laserdisc  
Live (Barrowlands New Year’s) VHS    
Into The Valley 7”
Scared To Dance LP
Scared To Dance CD
Scared To Dance CD
Days In Europa CD
The Absolute Game LP
The Absolute Game CD
BBC Radio1 Live In Concert CD
The Saints Are Coming
(Live and Acoustic 2007 - 2021)