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Soon after release, this LP was quickly withdrawn after some controversy over the cover art. It was presumed to be pro-Nazi by some people in the music industry. The re-release was published soon after with what was deemed a more “appropriate” piece of artwork on the sleeve. In addition, a slightly different tracklist was used with all but one track being remixed.
Original mix by Bill Nelson
Remix by Bruce Fairburn
1936 Berlin Summer Olympics guide
The Canadian LP (39:21) uses a tracklisting unique to that release:
Side A
Animation (4:27) ◆ 
Charade (4:00) ◆ 
Dulce Et Decorum Est (4:34) ◆ 
Home of The Saved (4:26) ◆ 
Pros and Cons (3:20) ◆ 

Side B
Working For The Yankee Dollar (3:52) ◆ 
Thanatos (4:02) ◆ 
Masquerade (2:44) ◆ 
A Day In Europa (2:56) ◆ 
Peaceful Times (5:00) ◆ 
The Greek release is the ‘revised’ mix and artwork, but mistakenly has the original tracklisting on the labels of the viynl itself
The Japanese CD release uses the ‘revised’ artwork but contains the original tracks/mix. ‘Pros and Cons’ is mislabeled as ‘Masquerade’
Version from ‘Out of Town’ and not from ‘Masquerade’ single
Even though the original cover art was withdrawn, it still appears within the revised cover art
The back cover of the revised artwork replaces the ‘Days In Europa’ album cover with that of ‘Scared To Dance’
Stuart Adamson (lead guitar)
Richard Jobson (vocals)
William Simpson (bass)
Rusty Egan (drums) (except for Out of Town)
Mike Baillie (drums) (Out of Town only)
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