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Tony Butler: Life Goes On (2005) 3:55 ◆ 
Lyrics & Music: Tony Butler
‘When My Moment Comes’ . It’s kind of a very poignant song and I wrote it and arranged it to be poignant. It was a couple of ideas all coupled together. Again, this was very much centered on the passing of my wife’s mother and how, kind of, life can be cut off at a very inappropriate moment. It’s a very human thing to die, I suppose. And, but also what happens at particular stage, what happens at that point in time when your, sort of, transferring from this mortal life into something else. And, you know, I just thought to myself, what questions will I ask myself at that particular time or what will other people...what do other people do at that particular stage. And, you know, we see on the news a lot of people...a lot of people dying on the news every night, and we do get very very kind of blasé about it. But this, the poignancy of this song was meant to, sort of, re-instill the notion that we should still think very deeply about, you know, who we are and what we are and ask these questions. Maybe we might become a little bit more sensitive to things. I don’t know.
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