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Tony Butler: Life Goes On (2005) 2:54 ◆ 
Lyrics & Music: Tony Butler
‘Hold Me Like You’ve Never Done Before’ is a song that I think I’ve always wanted to write. I was brought up listening to pop music and obviously The Beatles were quite big in my house. It’s funny. It’s one of the reasons why, although I do like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles were always in the back of my mind because I always had The Beatles playing and I remember getting the album ‘With The Beatles’ with that kind of strange shadowy cover. You know, it’s an image that’s always stuck in my mind. So, I wanted to write a song which was very Beatlesque and I managed to sort of couple together some chords that had that kind of very kind of Beatley descending chord structure and very light-hearted melody. And I think I achieved it with this particular song.

And the actual sentiment of the lyric is, you know, is a guy who has been away from his wife and his family and he comes back and the one thing he wants is he wants to be held like he’s never been held before. Well, I think it’s quite a nice little picture. It’s like a little postcard or a greetings card or something like that. - Tony Butler (audio commentary at