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Tony Butler: Life Goes On (2005) 3:14 ◆ 
Lyrics & Music: Tony Butler
‘Not Supposed To Love You’ is a...for me is a really kind of heartwarming story. While I decided to give this music business a break, I decided to get into something that was really gonna turn my head and pay my attention into something else and maybe use different parts of my brain. I decided to go into education. And I got a job teaching at a school for people who, for kids who been either rejected or thrown out...or just didn’t fit in or whatever. It’s for troubled kids. And, you know, it was a real experience, sort of, going there and trying to teach them something. And obviously, I went in there just to, you know, talk about the music industry and, you know, how an ordinary guy like me can get on and make a success of themselves if you work, and all that kind of stuff.

But there was this one student, this young girl, who, you know, I wouldn’t say that she had a problem or was disturbed, ’cause when we spoke, you know, she was always quite lively and bright. But, obviously, there is something in the background. But, I gave her the opportunity to try and write a song because she didn’t believe that people like her were allowed to do stuff like that. So, I told her to write some lyrics and I put some chords to it. And because of the nature of her lyrics, I decided to change them a little bit because 1) People wouldn’t kinda see them as quite P.C., 2) I wanted to protect a little bit of herself, you know, because it’s very personal. So, I put a general story around her lyric and, you know, she’s very pleased with it and she’s proud to be associated with it. And I’m, you know, really pleased to have given her a chance just to say that you can something and I think she’s really quite proud of it. - Tony Butler (audio commentary at