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Tony Butler: Acoustica (2002) 4:31 ◆ 
Tony Butler: Life Goes On (2005) 4:43 ◆ 
Greatest Hits (News of the World) (2006) 4:45 (listed as Dreamboy) ◆ 
Also released on the official Big Country website ( ◆ 
Lyrics & Music: Tony Butler
“Dream Boy was written as a personal tribute to the late Stuart Adamson” -Tony Butler (liner notes)
“That was a song about a serious talk I had with a good friend of mine who’s not here.” - Tony Butler in concert (Zaandam 2002).
‘Dream Boy’. That was difficult to write, ’cause I really wanted to write something that was a tribute to Stuart Adamson. But, the only thing I could think of was a conversation that we had once in this hotel room. I think it was in Germany. We were talking about, actually, sort of, giving the band a little break, and, you know, ’cause we’d done so much. You know, the band achieved so much, but maybe it was getting a bit stale. I knew I was getting a little bit, sort of, you know, not tired of it. But maybe a break was in order. And I knew he needed to have a break ’cause he just needed to sort a few things out in his life. We discussed stopping the band. But he still didn’t really have the courage to, sort of, break it off. So, I decided to leave just in order for him to come to terms with what was going on his life and try to plot a new course. And then hopefully we’ll get the band going again at some stage. But, that never happened. So, this is the song about the story of that meeting and where it was all going to go. So, but it’s still a tribute to him and, you know, his memory will always live forever. He’s written some great songs. We were a great band and, you know, I hope this song pays a little bit of a tribute to him. - Tony Butler (audio commentary at