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Tony Butler: Life Goes On (2005) 5:41 ◆ 
Lyrics & Music: Tony Butler
I’ve always loved rock and roll. I’ve always loved that kind of beat and I love changry guitars and I love chunky guitars. When I started writing ‘I Don’t Mind Now’ it was just plain and simply, that was just me churning away on the guitar and I just sort of added all of the things that I’ve done and how I’ve changed and how things have changed and, you know, how I used to like things black along, as they say down here in Cornwall, and how they’ve all changed now. And, you know, it’s’s a picture I have of myself now, which is not me and it’s...I’m a different person. But, I still remember how things were and, you know, I don’t mind that I’ve changed, but I don’t mind the fact that things were the way they were then. - Tony Butler (audio commentary at