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Tony Butler: Life Goes On (2005) 3:37 ◆ 
Tony first performed this song live in 2002 in Zaandam, Netherlands at the Big Country Convention in Zaandam, Netherlands 14 December 2002.
Lyrics & Music: Tony Butler
I went through a real big writing phase this year. Needed to get a lot out of my system. But one of the subjects that I want to talk about affects us all really. I think I really needed to write a hippy song. Although I’m not a hippy and I certainly don’t have the hair for it. But I think every now and again we’ve got to say what we feel and those of us with guitars and pens and stuff should say it. This one’s called... Hopefully this will be on my next album, if I ever get it done. Here’s the Real World. - Tony Butler in concert (Zaandam 2002).
‘Here’s The Real World’. Now, I remember being a little bit, kind of shocked when I wrote this because I really liked it. It’s one of those songs that really came out very naturally and very organically. Living down here in Cornwall is very inspirational. I can see why so many people have written great things and painted great things. And, you know, taking a dog or my dogs to the beach for a run, you know, there’s lots of places to go to and I just remembered sort of standing, you know, at the beach looking out at the sea, looking out at to the rocks sticking out of the water and just thinking, you know, there’s so much crap that goes on in the world. You know you can almost hear people screaming from the shells dropping on their houses and you know, and the people starving and depravation and all that kind of stuff. It’s just me getting really sick and tired of it. And, you know, we’re very fortunate. We’ve got a planet that’s, right now, still quite habitable and, you know, it’s still worth fighting for. I don’t want to get hippy-dippy about it but, you know, we have a real world here and we should be cultivating it rather than destroying it. You know, I tried not to make the song too hippy-dippy or protesty or whatever but it’ know maybe some people should just sort of say or our attitude change, you know. This is a nice place. Let’s try and make the most of it. - Tony Butler (audio commentary at