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31 May 2014

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  • Intro: the discussion about the Robin Millar mix of The Seer with Bruce Watson, from podcast episode #31.
  • Announcing some bittersweet news: the Robin Millar mix of The Seer have been located! However, Universal have no interest in releasing them.
  • Discussing the differences between the Robin Millar mix and the Walter Turbitt mix.
  • The guys present a petition that has been set up online, to collect fan interest and show Universal that this matters to fans and is something we’re really interested in seeing.
  • Please help spread the word on social media, and notify other fans & friends.
  • Showcasing the difference between the two different versions of the album. The Robin Millar 7’’ mix of Look Away vs the Robin Millar album mix of the same song

The petition is still live. If you have not signed, please do so here: