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24 May 2014

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  • Tom and Svein present their personal countdown of top 10 Big Country videos!

    • A look at Big Country’s videography, counting 30 promos at the point of recording.
    • The rarity of these videos – few fans seem to have seen them all, and the Ultimate Collection only collects 22 of these videos.
    • Speakpipe from Adam Soltys.
    • Interview snippet: Stuart and Bruce talks about music videos (from the Hold the Heart 7’’), where Stuart shares that he is not comfortable when asked to do acting in videos. Svein & Tom both have examples where the band really pull it off… and not.
    • What makes a good video? How do we evaluate the visuals vs the song itself, and can a fantastic song save an average visual presentation? Can fantastic imagery lift an average song?
    • Svein’s #10: In A Broken Promise Land, and about how the power of the band itself performing, coupled with an awesome location, can be strong enough that you don’t need much else. Also a nod to a line-up (and album) that will always hold fond memories.
    • Tom’s #10: Hurt, and about how a video can sometimes exceed a song and perhaps even elevate it a bit. The homages to Stuart are also incredibly touching.
    • Svein’s #9: Perfect World, with Tony looking totally bad-ass, lots of striking imagery, good camera speed and overall striking imagery/location.
    • Tom’s #9: You Dreamer, with a lot of “home footage” clips from the recent tours, but also earlier footage from the early days. Bittersweet feeling of nostalgia.
    • Svein’s #8: Alone, and how the harsher visual style and solitude shots on the beach really fits the song. The band performance is also very energetic and on fire. Tom, however, can’t get past “Gollum behind the drums”.
    • Tom’s #8: Fragile Thing, which hits very close to home on a lot of levels given what happened to Stuart.
    • Svein’s #7: Where the Rose Is Sown, which is a fantastic performance video in terms of pure band power from the early days.
    • Tom’s #7: Harvest Home, and about how such a goofy-ass video can still be so heartwarmingly endearing in all its naivety.
    • Svein’s #6: Harvest Home, where we (amongst other things) take a closer look at the food they are trying to eat during the picnic sequence.
    • Tom’s #6: Wonderland, and about how the band never dressed up in elaborate outfits and still looked cool. Even in a sweater with a diamond pattern on it.

    …to be continued in episode 35.