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3 April 2014

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  • The second part of the conversation with Mark Brzezicki. Mark graciously shares his thoughts and/or memories on a number of topics, including:

    • Why weren’t Big Country as big as many of us feel they should have been?
    • The “Driving To Damascus”-era. Stuart moving to Nashville and the impact this had on the band.
    • Mark’s thoughts on DTD the album, the direction, the Nashville scene, recording it in the UK, and how that whole time felt like for Mark personally and for the band generally.
    • Stuart’s mindset after DTD in 2000, vs his mindset after PIOT in 1989 when he wanted to stop the band (and actually stopped it, both times).
    • The American influence on Stuart, and hence Big Country’s music.
    • Memories of working on the Steeltown album, and thoughts about the album
    • The story of how an ashtray ended up on Tall Ships Go.
    • Looking back at how the band managed to remain humble and were blown away when big things happened, with Stuart finding it hard to project a “Rock’n’Roll persona” when talking to the audience from stage.
    • Memories of working on the Seer album, the changes in approaches, and thoughts about the album.
    • The emergence of Dave Bates, and how changes within the record company affected the band.
    • The journey towards the optimal mix for The Journey.
    • The process of mixing an album, getting the right levels on the drum sound, and about how things are not always “fixed in the mix”.
    • Mark picks his favourite BC drum sound, favourite BC drum performance, and the work he is the least satisfied with.
    • Why some material that is regarded by fans as classic tracks (R.E.L. tapes, b-sides, etc.) didn’t end up on albums that perhaps should have, and how a lot of those ideas were written and sometimes used in other songs that did make the albums.
    • The change in the rhythm section from Tony to Derek.
    • The coming “Re-presents” deluxe editions of Steeltown, The Seer, PIOT and NPLH, and how the dynamics of reissues work on the business side.
    • Thanks to the Mark & the band for what they have meant and continue to mean to us, poking fun at Mark’s lack of presence in social media, and MANY thanks to Mark for giving us so much time!
    • Goodbye, the usual plugs, a big fat lie about what makes Svein happy & cheerio!

    “The Big Country Podcast Theme” (a.k.a. “The Woman Who Wibbled Wobbled Too Much”) played in full. Written and performed by Bruce Watson.

    • Bonus track/outtake: Mark talks about the genesis of Eggplant