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18 March 2014

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  • We welcome Mark Brzezicki to the show! This is an informal and free-flowing conversation where Mark talks in depth about a number of topics, including:

    • The current situation in Big Country, and where the band now stands with Simon.
    • The inevitability of Mike leaving, and “the new Doctor Who.”

    “Just A Shadow” with Simon on vocals – live from Eric’s Live, Liverpool – 1st March 2014

    • What the different singers of Big Country have brought to the band.
    • About transforming a great idea into a great song.
    • Mark’s role as a drummer vs playing songs, and writing songs on keyboards.
    • Writing “Chance” on the piano with Stuart.
    • What makes a song sound like Big Country.
    • The meeting of the “punk” guys and the “prog” guys back in 1982 – and the sound that followed.
    • Mark’s initial doubts about joining the band full-time.
    • Staying challenged within the band and developing as a drummer.
    • Working with Pete Townshend.
    • Crossing paths with Simon Phillips – in and out of Big Country.
    • The “odd years” of Big Country – going through years of not being sure of their direction, but still being musically fulfilled.
    • Mark’s conversations with Stuart towards the end of the PIOT tour about the state of the band and Stuart’s frustrations and unfulfillment. Stuart wanted to break the band up, despite Mark’s pleads to keep going.
    • Memories of the last show on the PIOT tour, and the “pathetic farewell party.”
    • Mark clears up the misconception that “Mark left Big Country” in 1990.
    • About having to stick to the story that he had left the band in interviews when he returned in 1993.

    …to be continued!