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3 July 2014

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  • …continued from episode 34.

    • Speakpipe from Lance Eagan about BC videos
    • Svein’s #5: Heart of the World, and about how Big Country finally got their own “special effects”-type video with a lot of exciting visual settings and background effects.
    • Tom’s #5: Where the Rose Is Sown (already covered).
    • Svein’s #4: Fragile Thing (already covered).
    • Tom’s #4: In A Big Country, where we saw a rock band in a way that we never really saw a rock band before. The guys go back and forth quite a bit on the “story” of the video.
    • Svein’s #3: East of Eden, which shows that the guys in the band could do characters portrayals amazingly well, and the story that the video tells is an incredible mini-movie.
    • Tom’s #3: Just A Shadow, with lots of touching footage of people thinking back on life – and a big cat rescue operation.
    • Svein’s #2: Fields of Fire, including a lot of Tony’s memories of shooting the video.
    • Tom’s #2: East of Eden (already covered).
    • Svein’s #1: Wonderland, set in a gorgeous Scottish-looking Oregon landscape in wintertime. The guys should be freezing, but are too busy dancing, smiling and having a great time. One of the ultimate feel-good videos.
    • Tom’s #1: Fields of Fire, and about how the band weren’t afraid to embrace the Scottish/bagpipe references back in the day. Lots of WW1 imagery to fuel the imagination, and strong, great nostalgia points, makes this one of the best videos for many of us.
    • Tom & Svein’s final ranking: 1) Fields of Fire, 2) East of Eden, 3) Wonderland, 4) Fragile Thing, Where the Rose is Sown and Harvest Home.
    • “The other side of the coin”: Which videos are the least good? Is there a clear “bottom of the barrel” video?
    • Honourable mentions: the love triangle in “Hold the Heart”, Stuart’s unfortunate wardrobe choice in “Chance”, the constant panning effect in “Broken Heart”, and Stuart’s hand waving when not playing a guitar (several videos).

    “Wonderland” and “Fields of Fire” – live at Philadelphia Tower Theatre – 12th October 1986.