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11 June 2020

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1st guest: Jim Schubilske

  • Jim’s personal Big Country story
  • A discussion on the various Big Country live eras + looking at live versions of specific songs

2nd guest: Steve Coulter

  • Steve’s personal Big Country story
  • How working at a record store gave opportunities to stay on top of & promote Big Country releases
  • Steve’s Big Country live experience, including a report from Big Country’s unique (and very short) appearance at the 1980s show in Los Angeles on 15 February 2020 – when they shared a dressing room with MC Hammer’s dancers

3rd guest: Iain Chambers

  • Iain’s personal Big Country story
  • Iain’s Big Country live experiences, with memories from several shows
  • We discuss the band’s musical development and Iain’s somewhat unusual perspective: he likes the first five albums, but lost interest from Buffalo Skinners and for the rest of their 1990s output

THOMAS KERCHEVAL – “Autumn Waltz” (from the Rail EP, released 2017)

Special thanks to everybody who pledged to appear in podcast episodes, and many thanks to everybody who supported the WKW release in any way!