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17 April 2020

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Special guest: Bruce Watson (first 35 minutes)
Special fly-on-the-wall guest: John Gouveia.

Show introduction, where we all talk about how we’ve been coping in the pandemic eta with social distancing.

Bruce talks about the Big Country shows in America in March 2020 – New York (4th and 5th), Miami (7th), and the 80s Cruise (12th and 14th).

Bruce talks about how the pandemic news broke for real while they were on the cruise, and the interesting race to get home before everything closed down.

Some quick Q&A with Bruce before he has to jump off:

  • Q1: What is Bruce’s all-time favourite bass line?

TONY BUTLER – “Wonderland” (bass playthrough at Chowny Bass showcase, 2019)

  • Q2: Bruce discusses new music – what writing is going on, and for what project?
  • Q3: If Bruce could recover any of his guitars from days gone by, which one would it be?
  • Q4: Which of the regularly played songs are the most complicated or physically demanding to play?

Tom tells the tale of his trip to New York to see Big Country, and everything that went down. Expect to hear about:

  • The early days of the pandemic – social distancing not yet a big thing, but it was coming.
  • Meeting band & fans, and partially failing at social distancing
  • Marvel Superheroes on Time’s Square
  • The visit to (and story of) Bonds Casino, which is very famous amongst fans of The Clash
  • The soundcheck of the co-headlining band, which – to everybody’s surprise and eventual delight – was Television (Richard Lloyd’s version)
  • The WKW photo shoot, all coordinated and photographed by Mr. Mark Brzezicki
  • Meeting other Big Country fans
  • Speakpipes: Cara Cuiule and Chuck Simmons talk about their Big Country New York experiences
  • Tom’s thoughts on finally seeing this version of Big Country live
  • Scott Whitley – we marvel at the professionalism of his numerous projects and activities, including the recent streaming show
  • Tom joining the band for Chance
  • Epilogue: getting out of there and trying to find JfnG’s house in the dark

BIG COUNTRY feat. Thomas Kercheval – “Chance” (live at Sony Hall, New York on 5 March 2020)

Looking ahead to the Scandinavian dates – which will likely be postponed

Bemoaning the unavoidable cancellation of Balmule this year, where we were planning to meet

We look ahead at the future of the podcast, potential topics to get into, etc.