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5 April 2020

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1st guest: Gene Melang

  • Gene’s personal Big Country story
  • A discussion on the WKW project – the genesis of the project, how they worked together, the songs… the whole shebang

THOMAS KERCHEVAL – “Where the Rose Is Sown” (acoustic cover version)

  • Gene’s questions answered by Jamie and Bruce – Bruce’s answered in audio form
  • The crowdfunding model and how it worked out for WKW

2nd guest: John Lewis

  • John’s personal Big Country story, including the “Men Without Hats” incident
  • Various talk about live performances, how new members are fitting in, and Big Country stories and memories
  • Thoughts on the Big Country community, then and now
  • Big Country releases through the ages – personal dips and peaks

Special thanks to everybody who pledged to appear in podcast episodes, and many thanks to everybody who supported the WKW release in any way!