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30 September 2020

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Special guest: Bruce Watson.
Special fly-on-the-wall guest: John Gouveia.

Show intro by Tom and Svein, which includes two “Great Divide” tangents:

  • Rocking In the Norselands now exists as a website
  • When a mysterious “the” is added in front of a band name

Introducing the guests, and discussing Tom’s “bathtub incident” during the Skids “Songs and Stories” live stream (23 August 2020).

Q1: How did the recent Skids “Songs and Stories” live streaming show come about?

  • Jobbo’s off-the-wall live show banter, with examples

Q2: Can any song titles be shared from the upcoming Skids covers album?

SKIDS – “Fields” (live from the Songs and Stories live stream, 23 August 2020)

Q3: Generally, how are you doing? How is the pandemic affecting it all?

  • Bruce’s DIY projects, including setting up a new music HQ in his shed

General discussion about the Big Country shop, recent items that has popped up, and how bands have flocked to it to support the band.

Q4: Would it be possible for Big Country to do an online gig similar to how Skids recently did?

Q5: What are your memories of The Giant and All Fall Together songs, and how did one get turned into the other?

Q6: Memories of Bruce’s pre-Big Country bands (the Delinquents, Eurosect, etc). Could any of those demos and material be released?

Q7: Does Bruce collect anything other than guitars? Are there any specific band, for example, that he collects?

Q8: Memories of the Glasnost gig in Estonia (1988), and the other artists on the bill?

Q9: What bands did you go out to see when you recorded Peace In Our Time in LA? Did any of them end up inspiring anything on the album?

Q10: Any chance of a new WKW album?

Q11: Could any of Bruce’s old recordings and demo collections be made available as downloads?

  • Tangent alert: looking into setting up a YouTube channel containing audio files – or does he have one already?

Q12: Andrew Monti recently did a remix of The Seer, using software to extract and bring out Kate Bush’s voice a lot more, bringing it closer to how the Robin Millar mix could have been. What did Bruce think of it, and what are his thoughts on using that technology to potentially remix stuff?

BIG COUNTRY – “The Seer” (Andrew Monti’s vocal remix)

Q13: Does Bruce have any plans to write a book about Big Country?

Q14: When gigging resumes, would Big Country (or Bruce/Jamie) be interested in doing something with Kirsten/The Marriage?

Q15: The new Buffalo Skinners box set – how was it presented to Bruce, and what discussions took place around the track selections? Has Driving To Damascus been touted as another one in the future?

Q16: Stuart was seen changing guitars during Fields of Fire at some point – was it due to a sometimes tuning problem, were different guitars used for different parts, or something else?

Q17: Memories from the Reading festival in August 1983, where Big Country were blasted off stage by an explosive charge of pyro.

Q18: The Peace In Our Time tour programme mentioned Bruce doing an equipment rehearsal in London. What was he rehearsing? There was also a mention of Albion amps – were they used?

Q19: A Skids documentary was discussed earlier. What is the status of that?