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12 December 2016

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Intro: Robot Lady returns, trying to elicit help for the suffering podcast hosts.

Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys) – song DEEP DIVE by Svein and Tom

  • The title of the song. “Broken Heart” or “Thirteen Valleys”?
  • The approach of recording guitar lines, and the sound of hitting the guitar strings, and playing it back on the keyboards.
  • The inspiration for the song.
  • A song about unrequited love?
  • A laidback song on a laidback album. Dangerous combo, and the hosts are not lit on fire by it.

“Thirteen Valleys” (acoustic version) – Stuart Adamson live on German radio, August 1988. Taken from the b-side to “Heart of the World” 12’’ single.

Speakpipe by Lance Eagan.

Thousand Yard Stare – song DEEP DIVE by Tom and Svein.

  • Demo comparisons – examples of great rearrangements for the album version.
  • A story based on Vietnam war experiences.
  • Interesting guitar sounds – the story about how Bruce built a Jazzmaster sitar from scratch, which he played on the story.
  • The drum set-up, and the “air-splash” drum moment.
  • The chorus of the song – does it work or does it drag on? Disagreement ensues.

Speakpipe from Mark Dunne-Willow.

From Here To Eternity – song DEEP DIVE by Svein and Tom.

  • This song was intended to be a fourth single from the album.
  • A song about waiting, and the willingness to wait – perhaps despite his better judgment and knowledge, and very likely in vain.
  • The lengthy Peter Wolf-created keyboard intro – why? Tony Butler’s grievances with this approach.
  • A keyboard-drenched version of the song, but with a great core melody.
  • A good example of Stuart’s over-clear diction/enunciation on this album?
  • The e-bow discussion: is it an e-bow or is it a keyboard? A sampled e-bow?
  • A wider tracking issue with the album: side 1 is mid-tempo song after mid-tempo song. Very few rousing rock moments until side 2 of the album.
  • We discuss the one time this song was played live, at Stuart’s memorial gig.
  • The sound of the instruments – very clean, not very processed at all.
  • The continuing tendency to use movie/book titles as song titles.
  • The outro, with a very muted – but nice – playout moment (for this album).

Speakpipe from Dermot Owens.

Speakpipe from Kenny Henderson.