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4 December 2016

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Peace In Our Time – album background

  • Rating the album and placing it in the overall catalogue
  • The sound of the album
  • Setting the stage: Other hits at the time of release in 1988

Speakpipe from Steve Coulter.

  • Setting the stage: The timeline of band activities in 1988
  • The band’s Russian-based promo activities and shows
  • The “Under Wraps”-tour, and early live versions of the PIOT songs

“Time For Leaving” – live version from the Under Wraps tour – Newcastle Mayfair, 13 Dec 1987.

  • Dave Bates – quotes explaining the whole American plan
  • “Peter Wolf 1” and “Peter Wolf 2”, and the confusion over the years
  • Peter Wolf’s credentials as a producer, and the master plan to steer PIOT towards the sound he achieved on the Starship album “Knee Deep In Hoopla” (sample song: “Desperate Heart” from said album).
  • The 28 demos they had to choose from

Speakpipe from Tim Eldred.

  • The R.E.L. Tapes
  • A Tom rant! How Dave Bates felt – incredibly – that the material that the band came up with during this time was lacking, and how this diluted the band.

Speakpipe from Warren Craigshead

  • Stuart Adamson’s 1996 liner notes for PIOT
  • Short-term gamble vs. Long-term cost.

Speakpipe from Felicity Cooper

King of Emotion – song DEEP DIVE by Tom and Svein

  • Memories of hearing the song for the first time, including Tom’s initial mockery and disowning of the song - until he (to his horror) discovered that it was Big Country.
  • The change of attitude from the early days of staying away from blues and r’n’b.
  • The great Mary Clayton.
  • The search for the BC sound: The tiny e-bow section, the final part of the guitar solo
  • The origins of the song: “Honky Tonk Woman” by The Rolling Stones, and “Stainsby Girls” by Chris Rea.
  • A relationship song – looking at each other and wondering if things could still be.
  • Stuart’s different way of singing and super-clear inflection on the album.
  • The singing ladies, both on the album and on the tour, and the suitability of them on BC music.
  • Is the song bad or just incredibly average? Svein has thoughts.
  • If this is your favourite BC song, as some people have indicated in the past, are you a fan of the BC sound or are you just defending the song by making a stand?