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12 September 2016

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Special guest: Bruce Watson.

Special fly-on-the-wall guest: John Gouveia.

Topic 1: Bruce’s perspectives of the Australian tour they just completed (June 2016).

Topic 2: How about other exotic locations – are there plans to go anywhere else unusual? Are you open to it, and could it happen? What would it take?

Topic 3: The big thing on the horizon: The Seer anniversary tour. How are the rehearsals going, how has the band been preparing for it? How does it compare to the Steeltown preparations?

Topic 4: Which track from The Seer do you particularly look forward to playing? And is there one you know will be tougher than the others to work out for whatever reason?

Topic 5: Robin Millar’s mix of The Seer. Memories of Kate Bush. Stories from working with Robin Millar. The Millar Mix petition.

Topic 6: Big Country releases and lack of quality control – the “5 Classic Albums” set, and “Greatest Live Hits” compilation.

Topic 7: Bruce tells the story on how a reel-to-reel tape with three of the Millar mix songs recently came into his possession, and what he plans to do with it.

Topic 8: The Big Country Convention plans in Dunfermline – it will happen, but later than first indicated.

Topic 9: If Big Country had played Live Aid, which three songs would you have played?

Topic 10: Will any of The Seer anniversary shows be recorded? (And what will happen with the recording you did in Australia?)

Topic 11: Would you ever consider playing a song like “Song of the South” and other b-sides from The Seer era, or will you strictly stick to the album tracks?

Topic 12: What is your favourite cover version that Big Country ever did?

Topic 13: The podcast previously featured some guitar tracks by Bruce and Jamie from their preparation for the Steeltown tour. Are there any similar tracks from the preparation of The Seer tour?

Topic 14: Do you keep in touch with Mike still? What are your thoughts of The Journey some years removed from it?

Topic 15: New music. Is it happening? What is the status?

Topic 16: Do you keep in touch with Tony still? Any plans to work together again?

Topic 17: Scott Whitley. How did you become aware of him, and what was it about him that made you settle on him as the new bass player?

Topic 18: What are the chances of a tour playing the R.E.L. Tapes material? (Discussion also covers PIOT production techniques.)

Topic 19: Is there a song that “takes you away” or makes you get lost in it when playing it live?

Topic 20: What are your earliest and fondest memories of Timmins, Ontario?

Topic 21: Was there ever a band for you that you would have liked to make a podcast about back in the day?

Topic 22: The Rarities CDs are all out of print. Is there any hope they could come out again?

Topic 23: Is there any news about the 40th anniversary of The Skids?

Topic 24: Simon Hough. How does he fits in, and what is his role in the band, especially compared with Mike? 

Topic 25: What is your favourite lyric of Stuart’s? Do you recall if Stuart had a favourite?

Topic 26: Where and when did you obtain your first Yamaha SG guitar, and why did you choose it?

Topic 27: Would you consider self-releasing demos, guitar parts and song sketches on your own, similar to what you did with the Demology releases back in the early 2000s?

Topic 28: Is there a way to get your albums with Jamie?

Topic 29: Are you aware that there is a Bruce Watson profile on iTunes where the bio matches yours, but the songs don’t? (Includes a clip of the song “The Sperm.”)

Topic 30: Knowing how hard it is to get together for rehearsals when people live all over the place, how much time do you spend together for this, and how do you structure your rehearsals?

Topic 31: The lyrics to Inwards were printed differently in the sleeve to what Stuart sang. Do you have any memories of them being written/rewritten? (Discussion veers into general misheard/misspelt lyrics – including the tale of… THE SCORPHEUS!)

“White Man In Hammersmith Palais” by Bruce & Jamie Watson. Taken from “The Portastudio Diaries” CD, released 2009.