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14 December 2016

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Arlin Bartels presents: the real story of how Peace In Our Time came to be.

Everything I Need – song DEEP DIVE by Tom and Svein

  • The left/right panning on the guitar intro, and the full, proper return of the Big Country e-bow sound!
  • Comparisons with the demo version and changes in arrangement.
  • The honest/pure vocal delivery, combined with the honest/pure lyric about missing home and family makes this song very heartfelt and emotional.
  • The art of power balladeering, and how this song (as the resident power ballad on the album) works within that.

Speakpipe from John Wilbur.

Peace In Our Time – song DEEP DIVE by Svein and Tom

  • How the summit meetings between Reagan and Gorbachev inspired the song.
  • Comparisons with the demo version and changes in arrangement.
  • The lyrics dealing with both corporate reasons for war, the personal perspective, and the plea for reconciling.
  • The verse in the song that was removed from the album version.
  • The title of the song, what it represents, and how established it is as a phrase and/or book/movie title, etc.
  • The song as a single – was it a good choice, and was it released at the right time?

Speakpipe from Dwayne Bunney

Time For Leaving – song DEEP DIVE by Tom and Svein

  • The production differences and general comparisons between the demo and album versions.
  • Musical touches and layers, like chorus/gang vocals reminding us of Skids stuff.
  • References to other songs – “Take This Job And Shove It”, “Sixteen Tons” and “Brother Can You Spare A Dime?”
  • What would we have thought if this had been our introduction to the album instead of KOE?
  • How Stuart introduced the song live – about people being chased away from their homeland, and/or denied their birthright. A return to certain themes.
  • The theme of leaving vs staying – relationships, where to live, where to work... The song celebrates the decision to leave, the liberation, the freedom.
  • The journey from R.E.L. to album, and how it was possible to do that transition well.

Speakpipe from Andy Inkster