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4 August 2013

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  • Speakpipes from Emerly Clark and Cara Cuiule.
  • Taking in the news about the Steeltown anniversary.
  • Speakpipes from Tim Weinheimer, Curtis Holden and Tim Eldred.

“The Travellers (intro)/Tall Ships Go” – Tom’s live version from the Leesburg show – 11 June 2013.

  • Mike's voice stamina, and what it takes to keep it going at full strength through the show.
  • Speakpipes from Tim Eldred, Lisa Knell and Les Schreiber.
  • BC's intro music for the gigs.

“The Flower of Scotland” - full studio version, from the “In A Broken Promise Land” 7'' single.

  • Speakpipes from Daniel Johnson, Tom Stieber and John Lewis.
  • Mike's health issue pre-tour, the issues with his voice in Denver, and his passionate blog post about the incident.
  • Mike's pressure to sing Stuart's songs the way Stuart would have sung them.

“Strong” – live version from Leesburg, VA – 11 June 2013.

  • Mike as a performer.
  • Interview with Mike (excerpt from Martin Hamlin's The Real McCoy).
  • Ending: the members of Big Country saying goodbye to the fans after the Leesburg show, 11 June 2013.