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10 July 2013

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  • Thoughts on the US tour at halfway point.
  • The band building for the future.
  • Setlist discussion – what has been played, and what would we like to see played?
  • The Leesburg show - reports from fans and Tom leading up to the show.
  • Tom's day with the BC guys in & about Leesburg.
  • Experiencing Bruce’s haggling skills.
  • Speakpipe from Shawn Streeter.
  • Tom talking about his experience opening for BC, almost losing his voice and his steroid (ab)use to get ready in time!
  • Speakpipe from Arlin Bartels.
  • Mike's blog entries from the tour.
  • Tom speaks about being pulled up on stage to play Chance with BC.
  • Speakpipe from Jeremy vanAntwerp.

“Flame of the West” - Tom's cover version from the Leesburg show – 11 June 2013.

  • The tale of “the Podcast T-shirt.”
  • Speakpipe from Kaare Crowley.
  • Downloads again – the podcast has grown a lot recently. Thank you all!
  • Tom's pick-up lives on in Bruce's guitar.
  • Interview with Bruce & Jamie – seated in Tom’s living room.

“Chance” – Big Country with Thomas Kercheval live from the Leesburg show – 11 June 2013.