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5 September 2013

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The hosts pay tribute to the band’s US tour bus, based on some funny status messages…

Tom's interview with Mike Peters:

  • Discussion on the longevity of the band, and the band looking ahead
  • The US tour, the turnout, the booking of the tour & the frequency of the shows
  • The fan perspective - shows announced late, announced by venue & not band
  • Mike's feelings about his role in the band
  • The Steeltown anniversary - expectations, hopes and fears for the impending remixing
  • The Damascus era - Stuart's change of direction & recommending Mike to replace him. Would Stuart even be interested in making The Journey?
  • Would people have accepted a Mike-fronted BC if Stuart was still alive and playing solo?
  • BC becoming a story-driven band in the late 90s
  • The Great Divide-crew fantasize about the upcoming 5-hour Mike Peters Skype extravaganza interview
  • Mike's comments on negative fans and how he deals with it