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24 March 2013

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  • “Something is about to happen that has not happened for an age!”
  • Tom states his intention to avoid saying “you know” in this episode. (Actual count by the end of the show: 23.)
  • Some philosophical debate about being a BC fan and waiting for a new BC album. Is it the same this time as it used to be? And how did it use to be anyway?
  • Some albums are growers, others are immediate. Tom shares how he did not like The Seer at first, but as we know he loves it today.
  • T&S share their most memorable experience waiting for/discovering, and picking up, a new BC album. Incidentally, this is The Buffalo Skinners for both of them.
  • The early days of BC fandom on the Internet and how it’s developed.
  • Speakpipe message from Andy Inkster, John Erle Mundle, Mark Gribbin, Yee Yin Choung, and Arlin Bartels.
  • How far could be band develop and still be able to call themselves Big Country?
  • Is it fair to expect new albums to hit us the same way in our 30s/40s/50s as they did in our teens?