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11 March 2013

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Remembrance Day – song deep dive by Svein and Tom.

  • Stuart interview clip (from HTH single, 1986).
  • Live song introductions.
  • The celebratory feel of the music vs the bittersweet regret in some of the words.
  • The reemergence of “the flower in the forest”.
  • The WW1 imagery of the song.

“Remembrance Day” - instrumental demo from 1985, performed by Bruce, Tony and Mark.

  • Which demos exist for The Seer sessions? Bruce clarifies.


Red Fox – song deep dive by Tom and Svein.

  • Breakdown of the background of the song - tie-ins to both history and literature (particularly Robert Lewis Stephenson’s book “Kidnapped”, which again is based on events from Scottish history).
  • The change of voice in the song: first the sniper, then the potentially framed person.
  • The interesting musical changes in the song.
  • Stuart interview clip (from HTH single, 1986).
  • The Thin Lizzy connection and their song “Emerald.”
  • The tentative ending of the song – it leaves it hanging both musically and lyrically. What actually happened? That’s up to you to find out.
  • Stuart mentioned how armed struggle was right under the right circumstances – how do we see this theme in light of Stuart’s non-violent stance?

Sailor – song deep dive by Svein and Tom.

  • Another song of two halves. The nursery rhyme vs the playout section.
  • About the many musical elements that work, and the very few that perhaps could be even better.  
  • Stuart interview clip (from HTH single, 1986).
  • What is the song about? Regret vs taking action. And how does the World Fair fit in?

Overall album summarization of the album:

  • Tom & Svein’s combined ranking.
  • How does “The Seer” fit in the BC catalogue?
  • How, if at all, does this album point the way forward to future directions? Is anything foreshadowed at all?
  • The band’s presentation and image at the time.
  • The remixes of songs from the Seer. Svein has a near-rant which is averted by Tom’s interference at the last second.
  • Discussing the b-side “Song of the South”.

“Red Fox” – cover version by Thomas Kercheval.