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23 February 2013

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(Interview snippets from the “Hold The Heart” 12’’-single sprinkled throughout the episode.)

The Teacher – song deep dive by Tom & Svein.

  • Great song, but poor single choice?
  • Great country-inspired guitar hook – similar to Rawhide or Bonanza.
  • Some elements of the 'guitar symphony' approach of Steeltown can be found here.
  • How suitable/usable is a music video to explain what a song is about? The podcast hosts disagree on this.
  • Is the song about spiritual enlightenment, smoking dope or even about sex? Tom cannot believe what Stuart said about the song, and certainly not what Svein says.

I Walk the Hill – song deep dive by Svein & Tom.

  • Very likable song/style, but style over substance?
  • Sounds like BC parodying themselves – which ironically is just how the song started out as!
  • Interestingly, Svein & Tom both expected this song to be the next single after Look Away. What does that tell us about the song?
  • The song is definitely a 'filler' song on The Seer, but an enjoyable one - aka 'good filler'.
  • Lyrics are like the music - nice-sounding, but somewhat lightweight.
  • Tom bemoans how the band changed the ending of the song live (part 1).

Eiledon – song deep dive by Tom & Svein.

  • Hugh McDiormott's influence on the song.
  • The inspirations behind the name of the song – a combination of a real place and a real word?
  • A focal song for the themes of the album.  
  • Could the song be improved even further? Tom has one suggestion. Svein has several.
  • Is the song happy/hopeful/blissful or longing/melancholy/sad? Could it be both?
  • Tom bemoans how the band changed the ending of the song live (part 2).

One Great Thing – song deep dive by Svein and Tom.

  • The context of the song: they chased chart success on this album, and this song seem to be a prime example of that focus – as well as pointing the way to PIOT.
  • Not a very deep song, it just wants peace and is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired about fighting.
  • Nothing wrong with a more lightweight song, and the musical trademarks are there, but is it a bit “BC by numbers?”
  • The OGT beer commercial (including a band interview about it)
  • Lengthy intro to OGT from when the band played it live on the Buffalo Skinners tour.

Hold The Heart – song deep dive by Tom & Svein.

  • Capturing the feeling of love lost perfectly.
  • The selection of this song as a single.
  • The length of this song – it is the longest song on the album.
  • Playing the song live - no e-bow, just pickin' (including live excerpt).
  • Single choice debate - Hold the Heart vs the Seer? Svein is still not over the lost opportunity over the title track and the Kate link.