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7 February 2013

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Introduction and set-up talk.

  • Interview snippet - Stuart on writing and recording The Seer.
  • The context of The Seer - coming out of the Steeltown album/tour, and how the perceived lack of success set the tone for the album.
  • Interview snippet - Stuart & Bruce about not using Lillywhite, and the role of the producer in a BC production.
  • Robin Millar entering the picture, his previous credentials.
  • Interview snippet - Stuart on Robin Millar.
  • An exclusive note for the podcast from Robin Millar.
  • Millar's Mix vs Walter Turbitt's final mix.
  • Millar's Mix of Look Away vs Turbitt's Mix - direct comparison by fading back and forth between the two.
  • Dave Bates getting involved as A&R-man and the choices he made.
  • Stuart's inspirations for the album, Hugh McDiormad, and the liner notes on the 1997 CD remaster.
  • Stuart's vision of a Scotland for the future.

Look Away – song deep dive by Tom and Svein.

  • A perfect single? Typical Big Country, or “BC goes pop”, or both? A totally overplayed song? Possibly yes to all of the above…
  • No deep lyric analysis – this is a “cop and ropper” type story with no deep meanings, but the words still flow wonderfully.
  • Many great examples of great musicianship.
  • Several examples of how overplayed this song is.
  • "Look Away" - a live excerpt from a bass clinic in London 2012, with Tony and Mark.

The Seer – song deep dive by Svein and Tom.

  • A classic epic with a true sense of foreboding and profound meaning, featuring the beautiful and utterly amazing Kate Bush.
  • Did the band lose out on an opportunity by not capitalizing on the Kate Bush-connection and releasing The Seer as a single? Svein thinks so.
  • Kate's style and contributions - and How Robin Millar's mix of the song features a lot more of her.
  • Would it be possible to make a single mix of such a long and complex song? We made a stab at it:

"The Seer" – an exclusive remix of the song by Lee Waterton done for The Great Divide podcast, clocking in at just 3:38.

  • A quote from Bruce about getting Kate for The Seer song in 1986, and working with her.
  • How could a video for The Seer with Kate involved have done? The mind boggles.

"One Great Thing" - live version from Philadelphia 1986.