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24 December 2012

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Part 1: The Yuletide welcome:

  • What is a Yuletide episode?
  • Remembering BC's biggest 'Christmas' moment - the Christmas greeting on the "Do They Know It's Christmas?"-single.
  • Does Big Country have any Christmas songs? Svein suggests, and Tom ranks.
  • Another big BC Christmas (and New Year’s) moment: the bagpipe section in The New Year’s gig 1983/84.
  • Which Big Country items would make good Christmas presents, and what BC-related gift would we like to see under the Christmas tree?

Part 2: Looking back at 2012:

  • How the BC podcasts came to be.
  • Was it a sign of things to come that we did not even manage to agree on what constitutes a b-side?
  • How specific/exact is Svein? How politically correct is Tom?
  • Tom & Svein count down their individual top 5 moments on the podcast in 2012.
  • Tom & Svein also pick their top 3 episodes.
  • ..."but everything wasn't great". Tom & Svein reveal their least favourite episodes/moments from 2012.

Part 3: Listener feedback & looking ahead:

  • Tom & Svein read a selection of letters with questions and feedback from 2012. Topics range from:
    • Our discussion with Bruce.
    • Concern about recent line-up changes.
    • The recently revealed version of the song, "The Journey."
    • Being a young BC fan, even If you take flak from people about it.
    • Show topic requests.
  • Looking ahead to 2013 - what are Tom & Svein's expectations?

Happy New Year, and see you in 2013!