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18 December 2012

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Part three of The Big Bruce Trilogy – covering the BC albums from “Peace In Our Time” to “Driving To Damascus”

“Peace In Our Time” - Bruce highlights

  • "It's a Marmite album."
  • The R.E.L. Tapes - the sessions, the songs, how the band felt about them, how the songs ended up (not) being used.
  • Going to Hollywood to record the album.
  • Meeting and working with Peter Wolf.
  • Studio techniques - overdubbing guitar sounds and reproducing them on keyboards.
  • Stuart's voice changing.
  • Looking back at the emerging sound, were there alarm bells going off about the result?
  • Interview excerpt: Stuart & Mark on album production.
  • Discussing the overall sound of the record.
  • Bruce's hairstyle (and the others').
  • The singing ladies on the tour, and their fantastic dance moves.
  • Bruce's favourite PIOT track: "Thousand Yard Stare."

TGD exclusive: a full, unreleased instrumental Big Country track from the R.E.L. sessions
{Webmaster’s note: This is also known as “STMB 2”}

"No Place Like Home" – Bruce’s anecdotes

  • Pat Ahern playing with the band.
  • Working with Tim Palmer on the "Save Me" and "Heart of the World" singles.
  • Mark, the session man.
  • The subdued feel of the album.
  • Pat Moran producing - "He was brilliant."
  • NPLH were the songs the band had - no conscious decision to reinvent themselves.
  • The role of the record company in the album creation process.
  • Bruce's favorite NPLH track: "The Hostage Speaks."

"The Buffalo Skinners" - Bruce looks back

  • Clip: 1993 interview with band about album.
  • "Back to normal, guys!"
  • "Licence and registration, Mr. Kercheval"
  • Working with Chris Briggs again.
  • Simon Phillips' drumming.
  • "Eastworld" - the one where the drum machine worked better.
  • The title track not being on the album.
  • The "Buffalo Skinners" tour.
  • Memories from the Halloween show, which Tom saw.
  • Playing on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.
  • Bruce's favorite TBS track: "The One I Love."

"Why the Long Face" - Bruce's memories

  • The mood of the band: great!
  • Bruce reveals it's his least favorite BC album. Svein is horrified.
  • How Chris Briggs did not think the demos were good enough.
  • Switching record companies - two-album deal ran out after WTAOASN.
  • The multitude of cover versions.
  • "Daydream Believer" - live cover version.
  • The changing fashions of the 90s - how did BC cope?
  • "Blue On A Green Planet" - the Psychedelic Furs comparison.
  • Remembering the trio of b-sides on one of the "You Dreamer" CD-singles (Ice Cream Smile/Magic In Your Eyes/Bianca).
  • Bruce' favorite WTLF track: "Post-Nuclear Talking Blues."

"Driving To Damascus" – Bruce’s thoughts

  • The darkness of the album.
  • The lyrics vs. what was going on at the time.
  • Demoed in Nashville - four trips out there.
  • The story about Tony (or Tony's hat) being arrested while in Nashville.
  • "Loserville."
  • The Ray Davies connection.
  • The "Fragile Thing" packaging fiasco - "too many folds."
  • Bruce's favourite DTD track: "Perfect World."

Wrap-up and thanks to Bruce

  • Bruce's relationship with Big Country trivia.
  • The possibility of writing a book.
  • Bruce's thoughts about changing the band name.
  • Bruce's favorite BC album.

- “I think we'll let you go now Bruce.”
- “So soon?”