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26 November 2012

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Part two of The Big Bruce Trilogy – covering the BC albums from “The Crossing” to “The Seer” (including "Restless Natives").

"The Crossing" – Bruce looks back

  • About the song "The Crossing" not being on the album.
  • Talking about Bruce & Stuart demoing the album on a portastudio in Townhall, and the emergence of the BC sound.
  • Talking about the early rule/decision not to bend notes on the guitar or play blues licks.
  • About how songs were often written on a bass, way before Tony joined, who then adopted that style for the songs.
  • The emergence of the Big Country sound, from Stuart coming out of Skids and developing into something new.
  • Excerpt: Interview with Stuart and Pete Wishart from the days of Big Country mark 1.
  • Why the first line-up did not work out.
  • Writing "The Crossing."
  • Bruce's favourite song from "The Crossing" – "Inwards."

"Steeltown" – Bruce remembers

  • Why they recorded in Sweden.
  • Meeting Abba and locating their stage clothes.
  • Quote from Stuart on the album.
  • The amount of overdubs - conscious or unplanned?
  • The overall sound of the album.
  • The lack of demos from these album sessions.
  • Was the song "Heart of The Country," which Stuart wrote for Frida at this time, ever considered for Big Country?

"Heart of the Country" – performed by Frida Lyngstad, from her 1984 album “Shine”

  • Being away from home & depressed influencing the mood of the album, and some members not always being there.
  • Why does Bruce think "Steeltown" is so popular among fans.
  • Bruce's favourite song from "Steeltown" – "Tall Ships Go" and "Just A Shadow."
  • "Just A Shadow" (acoustic) - live excerpt.
  • About "Tall Ships Go," Stuart coin intro, Mark ashtray percussion, etc.
  • Thoughts about playing "Steeltown" songs live.


"Restless Natives" – Bruce reminisces

  • How it was written.
  • How using existing songs let to the band needing to create soundalikes.
  • Interview with Stuart.
  • "Restless Natives" the song - drum machine or no drum machine?
  • Was it a particularly stressful project as has been alluded to, or was it more just “the next project”?

"The Seer" – Bruce’s recollections

  • Interview snippet about the pressure of writing songs.
  • Dave Bates “taking over” BC from Chris Briggs - friction between Ian Grant & Bates?
  • About the pressure to have a 'hit' album.
  • Walter Turbitt playing on "The Teacher" without the band knowing.
  • The remixes – with saxophones.
  • Walter Turbitt being brought in to remix the album.
  • Interview snippet with Stuart about Kate Bush guesting on the title track.
  • Robin Millar & Kate Bush both being upset about how the title track was remixed by Turbitt.
  • Interview snippet: Stuart talks about set lists and potentially adding "The Teacher" and "Sailor."
  • Bruce remembering the band rehearsing "Sailor," which they never played.
  • About the fight that broke out during "Inwards" on the "Live in NY" video.
  • Memories of watching Kate perform on the title track.
  • Why wasn't the Kate connection used by releasing the title track AS a single?
  • The missing verse in that song - in the lyric sheet and played live, but not on the album.
  • Bruce's favourite track from this album: Sailor.