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6 November 2012

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We welcome our very special guest Bruce Watson to the show! John Gouveia lurks in the background, as does several others – including (occasionally) Jamie Watson.

  • "That's what you call an introduction!"
  • Talking about the recent acoustic show at HRC.
  • Arranging songs acoustically.
  • Derek's first gig.

"Porrohman" - live acoustic version from HRC, 25 October 2012

  • About Derek joining & learning Tony's bass lines.
  • Status of recording the new album - half done, more sessions planned.
  • Writing process within the band now, vs. the writing process with Stuart.
  • Writing "Angels and Promises."
  • Writing "Last Ship Sails."
  • Working with Bill Nelson.
  • Change of perspective about playing in BC between 2002 and now.
  • Fan interest in BC over the years and the role in BC continuing.
  • Tony Butler's leaving the band & his ongoing relationship with the band.
  • Will we ever see a new Big Country "epic"?
  • Mike Peters' role and contributions to the band.
  • About Mike's willingness to join BC and prioritize it above The Alarm.
  • About how Derek could have ended UP playing on the original Townhouse demos in 1982.
  • About putting out the initial request to Mike about joining BC.
  • "Eggplant" - "It's like a bovine paste that you spread on toast."
  • About working with Jamie and how he fits into the band.
  • How Bruce & Jamie started writing songs together.
  • Jamie reveals he is a closet drummer, and will sometimes remain with Mark for drum sound checks.
  • The division of guitar duties between Bruce & Jamie.
  • The "Bruce & Jamie Watson" project - how did it start, the albums, writing songs together.
  • "Dakota Sunset" (excerpt) from B&JW's "Another Anthem For the Damned" album.
  • Writing lyrics and Bruce’s preferred storytelling approach.

"Cathedrals Are All White In Amsterdam" from B&JW’s “Another Anthem For the Damned” album.

  • Kazoos and audience interaction – a business idea by Jamie Watson.
  • Jamie's aspirations as far as having a long-term career in music.
  • The acoustic live album, containing some interesting choices for BC covers - "Made In Heaven," "What About Peace."
  • Jamie growing up as a kid in a "Big Country household", and starting up in bands.

"Peace In Our Time" - Tom sings with Bruce & Jamie playing guitar.