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24 October 2012

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Special guest: John Gouveia

  • Our initial reactions to the then recent news about Tony Butler retiring from the band and Ian Grant no longer being associated with them.
  • Bruce’s first approach to Mike about joining BC.


The "Back In a Big Country" tour, Dec/Jan 2010/2011:

  • 1st tour with Mike & Jamie.
    • The story about someone bringing Stuart's old guitar to the 1st show and the band using it for a song.
  • What Mike brings to the band.
  • Mike putting his stamp on certain BC songs.
  • The live introduction/presentation of "Porrohman."
  • The empty spot in the middle of the stage.
  • The continued use of the name "Big Country."

The "Dreams Stay With You" tour in April 2011:

  • The first new song from this line-up was performed live ("Another Country").
  • The release of the "Another Country"-single; our thoughts on it.
  • The release of the "Dreams Stay With You" double CD/DVD-set.
  • "Never Take Your Place" (live excerpt).
  • Steve Lillywhite's return to producing BC with the single.
  • Different takes on classic songs.
  • Mike's announcing of songs.

The summer tour, July 2011:

  • The July 2011 summer tour saw several new songs being debuted live at various times. We go through each new song with sound clips and share our thoughts on them. In chronologic order of the debut, they are:
    • July 7 (Glasgow) - debut of "Through This Land". Includes discussion on Jamie's interesting choice of notes in the song outro, which Svein bizarrely likes.
    • July 11 (Glasgow) - debut of "Last Ship Sails". We feel a bit differently about this version.
    • July 12 (Sterling) - debut of "The Journey". Thin line between BC and the Alarm? Not a favourite of anyone's yet, but likable. Stems from a Bruce & Jamie song "Alien 9" from the Portastudio Diaries album.
    • July 18 (Wrexham) - debut of "Home of the Brave." No live versions in circulation, so we rely on John and a studio report from Bruce.
    • July 19 (Lincoln) - debut of "Winter Fire." This one we like! Dark undertone, epic, nice.
    • December 16 - online unveiling of "Angels & Promises," ten years to the day of Stuart's death. Overall, our clear favourite of the new songs, and very much a 100% Big Country song.


  • January: "The Crossing" fully played live in RAK studio in front of fans.

"The Crossing" - live version from the RAK sessions

  • 4 February - the release of the 30th anniversary 2CD deluxe edition of "The Crossing."
  • February - Crossing the Country-tour.
  • Summer 2012 – more shows.
  • The issue with the banners that Mike put up for his LHS-charity, which Ian took exception to and felt he should have asked permission. A message from Bruce on the official BB shed some light on the event and their relationship with Ian.
  • September – Tony's retirement. Statements from Tony & Bruce indicate a notable difference of opinion regarding working with Ian – from calling his actions "disgusting, immoral and probably illegal" to "he is my friend, and if you criticize him you criticize me.”
  • Ian's statement about stepping down, new vs. legacy representation.

Going forward:

  • The new manager.
  • Interesting comments from the recent Facebook Q&A between band & fans.
  • Mike & his relationship to his fans.
  • Various tidbits/Q&A from Bruce on the official BB.
  • Derek's response to a concerned fan.