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30 April 2013

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Introduction to discussion:

  • T&S start by looking at download numbers, and find cause for some rejoicing.
  • The Journey is here! T&S share their initial feelings from listening to the album, and bemoan the lack of a lyric sheet.
  • Speakpipe from Kenny Henderson.
  • Tom gets excited saying “the Journey”, sounding like a Scottish Shrek.

In A Broken Promise Land – song deep dive by Tom and Svein.

  • Spoken intro by Mike and Bruce.
  • Similarity with “Return To the Two-Headed King.”
  • The drumming!
  • Lyrical references to Stuart.
  • A musical declaration – powerful, sparkling, let loose.
  • Comments on album production.
  • Mike’s lyrics, how he writes them, and how his approach is different to Stuart’s.

Speakpipe from Rob Eames.

The Journey – song deep dive by Svein and Tom.

  • Spoken intro by Mike and Mark.
  • A “mission statement” song.
  • Uplifting both musically and lyrically – looking forward, not to the past.
  • Bruce’s one vocal performance on the album.
  • Musical connections to River of Hope, Harvest Home and/or Fields of Fire?

Speakpipe from Mark Cole.

After the Flood – song deep dive by Tom and Svein.

  • Spoken intro by Derek and Bruce.
  • The “Simple Minds” song on the album.
  • Finally time to discuss Derek Forbes’ presence on the album.
  • A fretless bass on a Big Country song!
  • A newer song than most – no Tony credit, but it has a Derek one.

Speakpipe from CJ Wade.