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Watcha Cocks,
And a big hello to all the Scudster's out there in Cyberland. Thanks for purchasing 'Fun Time In The Pocono's', an on and off project that has been happening between various Big Country tours and me going back to University. 'STUDY?' I hear you cry, well no need to worry; let me tell you that I am only the Janitor. Tracks 1,2,3,4,7,8 and 9 may sound familiar to any of you who purchased the 'Wild Blue Yonder' CD from the official website. Unfortunately something strange happened on the way to the pressing plant and the recording came out in mono. Never fear, Bruce (Super Jannie) is here and I have lovingly and painstakingly re-cut it from the original masters so now both your ears can sample this aural enema. All the guys on this CD are the usual suspects that turn out at SINKY'S BAR 'n' BURL on a Thursday night. Great
musicians such as Ronnie Le' Sells who can play slide guitar with both hands tied behind his back. Stevie Agnew, (who shall remain nameless), (offspring of Pete Agnew and one third of the Amazing Agnew Sisters) on vocals. And The Late Great Eck Paton, (the only chap to fall out of my Fiat Uno whilst driving past Oddbins). 'I Feel Fine' and Tailing Down' were actually recorded live in 'Johnson's beer cellar' whore we were rehearsing to do a benefit concert for Eck's liver. All songs were recorded on a Roland VS 880 digital 8 track recorder in my living room until Mrs W punched me and we moved the gear into the attic. Anyway, enough of my mince, I would like to thank 'The super deluxe improved Duckster' for helping me produce and engineer thin monstrosity. Ian Grant and all associated with 'Big Country. And as always, Ronnie and Bev from the Naz office. Watcha Cocks.




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1. Republican Party Reptile (Adamson/Watson)
2. Suspicious (Watson)
3. Holiday (CleminsoniChartton/McCafferty) Sweet Naz Songs Ltd
4. Start My Engine (Watson)
5. The Days (McCaffertyNVatson)
6. Normal (Adamson/Watson)
7. Highland Girl (Watson)
8. The Days (McCafferty/Watson)
9. Kingdom Come (Watson)
10. Falling Down (Asshole man) (Watson)
11. I Feel Fine (Watson)
12. New Disguise (Nudist Guys) (Watson)
13. Too Far Gone (Watson)