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Hi Yo Tonto... Away! Is the result of another daring raid on the sonic badlands of Winker's attic archive. As such it's a companion to the previous limited edition Demology set. The tracks included here are mostly outtakes and excerpts, fragments of soundtracks (for film and imaginary) and the early working versions of songs, which you may already know and (hopefully) love. You might like to think of them as rescued damsels, prised from the blackhead of obscurity or the dusty grip of yesteryear and revisited with tenderness and a rueful smile. For myself, I prefer to see them as signposts on a journey that's perpetually somewhere between here and there As for that masked man... well who knows? The clues, as always are all around.





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1. Plastic Never Rusts
2. Mr Happy Comes To Town
3. 27 Waves Away
4. Gypsy Girl
5. Garfunkel Gets A Hot Dog
6. I Was A Teenage Tourette's Syndrome Ventriloquist
7. Swimming With Submarines
8. Touring Germany
9. Hi Yo Tonto
10. Dead On Arrival
11. Theme From Whistle Down Your Nose
12. The Legend Of Maribou Blowpants
13. Cheese Again
14, Git On A Tightrope

Scott Watson-drum programming on Plastic Never Rusts
Manny Charlton- slide solo on 27 Waves Away
Colin Berwick-Keyboards on 27 Waves Away
Stuart Adamson- guitar on Garfunkel Gets A Hot Dog
Tony Butler-Bass on Garfunkel Gets A Hot Dog
Mark Brzezicki-Drums on Garfunkel Gets A Hot Dog

{2001 release} All tracks written and produced by Bruce Watson
{2005 release} All song written and produced by Bruce Watson