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Over the past 15 years, these pieces of music were recorded in various home studio situations. Certain pieces will seem familiar as they were chopped and sliced with the other guy’s music. Some never made it as they were recorded with the intention of being incidental music for film. Most of the music will be utilized along with unheard of material for forthcoming video footage of the band on the road.


This CD is strictly a limited edition of 100 and was created specifically for release at the Big Country Convention 2000 University Of Hertfordshire Hatfield England. With special thanks to Willie, Ali, Tony G, Mazz and for continued support and encouragement Ian Grant and all at the office.
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All music recorded by Bruce Watson Laurie MacMillan Slap bass on track 1 & 2
Malcom 'Fluff' Atiken Drums on track 9 Colin Berwick Keyboards on track 7 & 8
Bruce Watson Music retains all copyrights
Produced by Bruce Watson
Mastered by my favourite bass player at Wobbly Studios
A special thanks to our good friends Ronnie & Bev from
the Nazareth Office
Acknowledgement also goes to Andy Johnston and Derek Nisbit respectively dedicated to "Big Joe" 1941-2000