The Seer (1986) 4:29
Through A Big Country (The “Great Box”) (The Seer) (1991) 4:29
The Collection: 1982-1988 (1993) 4:29
The Seer (Remaster) (1996) 4:29
Live In Essen (Rockpalast) (2001) 4:09 ß 
The Collection (2003) 4:29
Wolfgang’s Vault: Tower Theater (2007) 4:54
Live In New York City 1986 (2012) 4:00
The Seer (Re-Presents) (2014) 4:29
5 Classic Albums (The Seer) (2016) 4:29
The Seer Live In New York (VHS & LD) (1986) & DVD (2012) 4:00
Rockpalast (Essen) (DVD) (2005) 4:49 ß 
Wonderland / Live at Rockpalast (DVD) (2010) 4:52 ß 
At The BBC (Disc 4) (2013) 3:53 Œ 
Lyrics & Music: Stuart Adamson
Also See: Remembrance
Question: Why “Remembrance Day” for a starting point for a song? Stuart Adamson: I think because it’s quite a potent image of learning from things gone past. This is the underlying theme and the key that the whole album revolves around. As such, it was a very potent phrase to use in a song and obviously the whole song just turns around the two words. I don’t really like pinning myself down too much until maybe this time in two year time, then maybe I’ll tell you, is that how it was. It revolves around the old T (?) stuff.” — Stuart Adamson, answering an interview question from the “Hold The Heart” interview.