15 June 1991



“Giant” is mislabeled ”All Fall Together” and the live version of “Thousand Yard Stare” is mislabeled as “Thousand Yard Stair”.
Recorded 4 July 1983 at Locarno Tiffany’s in Glasgow
£ Recorded at Barrowlands New Year’s 1983/4
Я Recorded live at the Palace of Sports in Moscow on 1 October 1988
Release Info

Format: 4CD
Country: Japan
Label: Mercury
Catalogue# PHCR-3173~76
UPC/EAN number 498801326301
(The Crossing: PHCR-3173)
(Steeltown: PHCR-3174)
(The Seer: PHCR-3175)
(Peace In Our Time: PHCR-3176)
Year: 1991

Format: promo CD
Country: Japan
Label: Mercury
Catalogue# PHCR-3173
(The Crossing only with red Japanese ‘sample ‘ sticker)
Year: 1991

Artwork Variations