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The Seer (1986) 6:07
Hold The Heart 7” & 12” singles) (1986)
Through A Big Country (The “Great Box”) (The Seer) (1991) 6:07
In A Big Country (1995) 5:35
The Seer (Remaster) (1996) 6:07
In A Big Country (German edition) (2001) 6:07
Singles Collection Vol. 2 - The Mercury Years (’84 - ’88) (Hold the Heart) (2002) 5:33 & 6:10
The Seer (Re-Presents) (2014) 6:07 & 6:05
5 Classic Albums (The Seer) (2016) 6:05
The Ultimate Collection (2018) 4:40
The Ultimate Collection (VHS + DVD) (2002) 4:41
Lyrics & Music: Stuart Adamson
Variation Notation:
7” version
12”/Album version
Instrumental version
“It was the third song that I wrote for the LP. I remember thinking that I wanted to write a very ballady song, something that people would never think of as a Big Country song, a very direct boy/girl lost and found song.”
—Stuart Adamson, interview

’Hold The Heart’ is track 5 on the soundtrack to the motion picture ‘P.I. (Private Investigations)’ (1987) 5:33
“I’ve watched Big Country making videos in the snow in Oregon and in the rain in Scotland. This haunting Stuart Adamson melody is placed over a collage of Hollywood at night.”
—Nigel Dick (in the liner notes to the P.I. soundtrack)