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6 June 2017

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We welcome Tony Butler to the show! John Gouveia is also here, lurking in the shadows.

Tony talks about the journey towards present day.

  • The final days of Big Country with Stuart.
  • The story behind the song “Dream Boy” and Tony’s heart-to-heart conversation with Stuart.
  • Going to Nashville during the DTD era, and almost getting arrested for wearing the wrong hat.
  • The upsets of the last year of the band, and memories of the final gig in Kuala Lumpur.
  • The 25th Anniversary of Big Country, and the “25 Live album”.

“Driving To Damascus” – live version from “25 Live” album, featuring Tony, Bruce and Mark.

  • The 2009 commemorative concert for Kirsty MacColl, which didn’t happen in the end, but got the BC guys together with Mike Peters.
  • The start of the new version of Big Country from end of 2010 onwards, and Tony’s reasons for leaving in 2012.
  • The re-emergence of music in Tony’s life, and how autobiographical themes started developing.

Current projects and announcements:

  • DOG (or “Dogs Or Gods”).
  • Reconnecting with Mark Brzezicki, and having him participating in the project.
  • Ian Grant’s continuing role in Tony’s life and career.
  • Thoughts about using Pledgemusic to fund the coming projects.
  • Announcing the new album “My Time”.
  • Sound clip: “Here Comes the First One” by Tony Butler.
  • Announcing the new book “Then Came the Great Divide”, the experience of writing it, and how JfnG’s website proved to be invaluable for research.
  • Tony talks about learning to build a brand new website ( for his new projects.


  • Learning from having worked with Pete Townshend, Pretenders… and BC/Stuart
  • Stuart’s struggles to take on the frontman role, the discussions they had about this, and how certain things would be delegated to Tony because of this.
  • Discussion about “Eternal Empty Feeling” by DOG – about the loss of people, all that is unachieved, and the struggle to cope with the emptiness that is left behind.
  • The loss of Stuart affecting a lot of things – including the big family of Big Country – the wives, the kids, people growing up together – suddenly, there was no longer a family.