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29 March 2017

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Introduction and various catch-up

  • What have we been up to?
  • New album release from Tony’s band Dogs Or Gods (DOG) (song sample: “Eternal Empty Feeling”).
  • Tony’s recent Facebook Q&A – book plans for 2017, and his stated intent to come on the podcast to talk later in the year.
  • An update from the Skids camp (song sample: “A World On Fire (early rough mix)”).

«Two men, one egg timer»

  • Topic #1: The chances of Big Country recording another album.
  • Topic #2: What would it take for the band to consider Kickstarter – ways for the band to approach a new album without the burden of writing new material.
  • Topic #3: What was the best BC tour with Stuart, and since reforming?
  • Topic #4: What is the status of the Millar Mix petition?
  • Topic #5: “The Skids” or “Skids”?
  • Topic #6: Some harsh comments about “Sling It” in the covers episode (#49). As Tom wasn’t on that one, what does he think about it?
  • Topic #7: Did you know that a Big Country 12’’ mix features a startling admission as Stuart Adamson sings “I like sex”?
  • Topic #8: How would you feel if Big Country were as big as U2 (which could well have been the case if Live Aid had turned out differently)? Would you be doing what you are doing so brilliantly and diligently? Would it change you?
  • Topic #9: Can you remind me what originally prompted Svein to say “Have at you!”
  • Topic #10: For each album, there is a corresponding body of work worthy of its own episode(s). Agree?
  • Topic #11: The podcast is a bit unique in that you have a seemingly direct like to the band. Not a lot of others have this. Do you get “star struck” when talking to the band members or is it more casual than that now?
  • Topic #12: Do you think listeners skip “The Great Divide” on Steeltown more often now because they hear it on the podcasts?
  • Topic #13: What would Stuart think of the band if he could see it today?
  • Topic #14: If Bruce and/or Mark should leave Big Country for whatever reason (and let’s hope that doesn’t happen!), should the band continue?
  • Topic #15: Steeltown is probably the band’s most beloved album. However, aside from the production and the mix, would you change anything else about the album – for example, substitute an album track with another?  
  • Topic #16: The Cenotaph vs. The Scorpheus. Who would win?

Sling It!