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24 March 2016

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All Go Together – song DEEP DIVE by Tom and Svein

  • The fourth and final song on the album where we have an early Bruce Watson instrumental demo (from “Demology”, released 2000).
  • Stuart called the song “a tribal call for global unity” – and it is a very environmental-conscious song with heavy, very rhythmic (tribal) components and a strong sing-along chorus.
  • There is a repetitiveness to the song, especially the chorus. Does this work against the song or does it enhance it?
  • The acoustic version of the song on the “Non!”-single, supporting Greenpeace.

“All Go Together” (acoustic version), recorded on 29 August 1995 for Dutch radio, released on the 1995 single “Non!”.

  • The lyrics fall into the same category as a few previous songs on the album, as far as providing examples of things going wrong rather than a complete narrative.
  • Changes to the song when performed live.

Speakpipe from Nick Gachowicz.

Speakpipe from Mark Dunne-Willows.

Winding Wind – song DEEP DIVE by Svein and Tom

  • A more laidback and reflective song, which makes it stand out on this album.
  • A thorough comparison between the demo version and the album track. More changes seem to have happened from demo to finished version on this track than any of the other tracks on the album.
  •  The song tells the story of a romance that seemed very intense and heavy at the time, but which wasn’t meant to last, and didn’t. The song’s message seem to be that things that are meant to last will last, where the lighter & more flighty things will be blown away by the “winding wind” just by nature of being lightweight or flighty.
  • Several classic Big Country musical trademarks, from the opening guitar to several instrumental flourishes. And a triple “karate bark!”
  • The hosts have some interesting, but differing, views on how well the various portions of the song fit together.

Speakpipe from Cormac Conway.

Pink Marshmellow Moon – song deep dive by Tom and Svein

  • The second laidback and reflective song in a row – and another one of the deeper relationship songs on the album.
  • A lot of romantic notions are put forth in this song. The hosts debate whether there is an undercurrent of doom or not. On one hand, the narrator seems tired of fighting, and instead of dealing with it, he seems to just want it to go away. On the other hand, the intention, willingness and deep sincerity in wanting to work things out might also be felt.
  • A simpler structure than most of the songs on the album – the verse, and the chorus, and that’s it. A very comfortable beat/chord progression. It keeps the driving rhythmic pattern going through the song, in an almost hypnotic manner.
  • The slide guitar! Usage in this song, and in BC’s history prior to this and after.
  • “You have loved and will again.” The core message of this song.