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5 March 2016

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Long Way Home – song DEEP DIVE by Tom and Svein

  • Yet another Neil Young-inspired song – their “Rocking In the Free World” on this album? More random, individual scenarios described in the verses, unified by the one-line chorus of “Searching for the long way home” repeated over.
  • Less of a melodic piece, more of a pounding hard rock number.
  • With individual stories in the verses, you need something to tie it all together in the chorus. Does it really do that? Where is the punchline?
  • The song was a mainstay in the live shows of the time, and possibly worked better live than on the album.

Speakpipe from David Browne.

The Selling of America – song DEEP DIVE by Svein and Tom

  • A return to storytelling! A complete storyline with chapters, a unifying chorus and an overall arc. Stylistically a spy story, with someone undercover being out there, sending reports back to HQ about things that are going on.
  • The Japan angle of the song, and the topic of their buying of US properties.
  •  Incredible musical passages, from the proggy intro with the great guitar line, to the sound effects in the verses, to the guitar solo with the return of the bagpipe guitars, and the wonderful playout sections.
  • The podcast hosts sense that this song is somewhat overlooked and/or underrated, and how the song’s placement on the album may be part of the reason.

Speakpipe from Andrew Braidwood.

We’re Not In Kansas – song DEEP DIVE by Tom and Svein

  • Initial thoughts upon first hearing that this song (and Ships) would be re-recorded.
  • A primary example on this album of the band sounding like they’ve been “let loose”.
  • Musically, where the NPLH version was more atmospheric and mysterious, the version on TBS is heavier and played with more aggression overall.
  • Lyrically, it’s interesting how the words seem to take different meanings given the context of the album they are on. It is also an interesting song to follow “The Selling of America”.
  • The podcast hosts discuss their very different preferences between the NPLH and TBS versions of the song.

Speakpipe from Paul Barker.

Ships – song DEEP DIVE by Svein and Tom

  • The song origins of Ships are well chronicled:
    • This is the third Bruce demo we have of songs from this album – the demo was included on “Demology” (a “website only”-release) in December 2000.
    • Band demo from NPLH sessions, with Pat Ahern on drums (from Rarities V).
    • There is also an as of yet unreleased full band version from the NPLH sessions.
  • The arrangement of the song – starting as a piano ballad (again), and using Nashville pedal steel guitar and Hammond organ. Is this the ideal presentation of the song?
  • This song as a single.
  • The podcast hosts discuss their very different preferences between the NPLH and TBS versions of the song.

“Ships” – Stuart Adamson (acoustic solo version from German radio, 1993)

Speakpipe from Jaimin Weets.