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19 December 2014

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  • The Great Divide – song deep dive by Svein and Tom.

    • About the growing rift between union and management in England
    • The amazing guitar parts this song – both the intro (amazing), the outro (excellent), and perhaps first and foremost the incredible and vicious dual soloing in the middle.
    • Discussion: does the topic of union rifts make for an interesting topic?
    • An interpretation that takes us a little bit away from the “union” angle.
    • We discuss what the “great divide” is - “here comes the great divide”…
    • We are ultimately fine with leaving the song as a bit mysterious as far as what it is about.
    • Musically, the song hits every note – it is powerful, with attitude and melody.
    • Hear the tale of teen Tom working at a Factory for two miserable weeks before making the switch to Dairy Queen.

    Just A Shadow – song deep dive by Tom and Svein.

    • Tom shares some touching personal memories about a lost friend and the significance this song had for them.
    • The topic of not living up to your potential and ending up as shadows of the people we should be.
    • Other sub-topics – domestic violence, the references to old people/shining with youth.
    • The recurring theme of “garden/flower in the forest” in Stuart’s lyrics.
    • The song is musically complete – it is harder to pick out single moments, because it all just fits so well together and is a wonderful whole.
    • The return of the glorious playout section.

    We’re done! We present our combined total rankings of the album.

    Discussion on some of the b-sides of the album – Winter Sky, Prairie Rose, Belief In the Small Man, Bass Dance/Bass Concerto.

    The 12’’ mixes from the Steeltown era.

    The 1984 Steeltown tour – including the obligatory KISS reference.

    The 2014 Steeltown 30th anniversary tour.

    Bonus material: a show recording from the Steeltown tour - Glasgow Apollo, 21st December 1984

    • Raindance
    • Steeltown
    • East of Eden
    • Where the Rose Is Sown
    • Come Back To Me

    Outro: “too many notes” from the “Amadeus” movie.