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19 December 2014

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  • Intro: interview snippet of Stuart/Bruce from the Hold the Heart interview, 1986.

    Girl With Grey Eyes – song deep dive by Svein and Tom.

    • The song Stuart wrote either wholly or partially about his wife, or as a tribute.
    • A song about waiting and yearning for the love to be realized, or a song where the relationship is established? The guys disagree.
    • A totally out-and-out romantic song – defining Stuart as a man not only of deep negative emotion, but also of deep intense .
    • The significance of the “Josephine” reference – several theories discussed.
    • Various superlatives are used to describe the playing – Tony’s bass is ethereal, while the guitars are otherworldly, all sounding unique and like very few (if any) other songs out there.
    • The early demo of this song, “Grey Eyes”, was released on Bruce’s solo demo CD compilation “The Last of the Hole Game” in 2001.

    A TGD exclusive: “Girl With Grey Eyes” guide guitar track, recorded in 2014 by Bruce & Jamie Watson

    Raindance – song deep dive by Tom and Svein.

    • Major key throughout, the most “Crossing”-esque song on Steeltown.
    • Slide guitar – and it fits?!! Fond memories of BC’s Spinal Tap moment: playing the song on “The Tube” and the missing slide part.
    • Strong theme of feeling worry or even depression coming on, and seeking reassurance and/or help from someone close.
    • Going through the story of the couple in the song, which seems to end well for the time being, but they may have some years of work ahead of them.

    “Girl With Grey Eyes” – live at Motherwell, 17th October 2014.