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The Seer (1986) 4:12 ◆ 
Through A Big Country (The “Great Box”) (The Seer) (1991) 4:12 ◆ 
The Seer (remaster) (1996) / (Expanded Edition) (2019) 4:12 ◆ 
The Collection (2003) 4:12 ◆ 
The Seer (Re-Presents) (2014) 4:12 ◆ 
5 Classic Albums (The Seer) (2016) 4:11 ◆ 
Lyrics & Music: Stuart Adamson
Question: Back to the LP (The Seer). ”The Red Fox,” listening to the lyrics of that it seems to be about an underground resistance fighter. Stuart Adamson: What it says is that struggle is right if the frustration is clear enough. — Stuart Adamson, answering an interview question from the “Hold the Heart” interview.
This song is listed as “Red Fox” on the original UK CD and cassette, Canadian cassette and the remaster CD of ‘The Seer’. In all other cases (including the vinyl of ‘The Seer’) it is listed as “The Red Fox”.